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I write about how not to suck at being creative.

Ideas that don’t lose their wings rarely take off.

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“I can finally print a car and take it to work.”

How long until the hoverboards from Back to the Future 2 start mass production? …

Introspection is a rigged game.

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“Get your head out of your ass” might seem a counter-intuitive tactic if finding our purpose is all about searching within.

I hear it in my insides after all. My inner voice. It’s not crying out from a commercial billboard, it’s somewhere within me, calling out my life’s mission — or perhaps I’m just hungry — yearning to be drilled out from the common dirt and turned into a glistening necklace.

Based on this assumption, introspection should be a straightforward process: go deep, conduct a little prospecting for life-fulfilling material, bring it back to the surface, try to make people…

There is power in choosing exactly how you want to suffer.

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My mum is broken.

Granted, not at plain sight. In her youth she was a 10 out of 10, effortless doll that seemed handcrafted to look gorgeous. Of course you’d now notice the doll is almost sixty, but still retains the painted smile, the childish mood, the playful attitude.

Don’t try to wiggle her extremities though. If she ever featured any limb capability, now it’s deteriorated due to lack of use. Of course, why would a ten willingly endure the suffering of physical exercise if she was granted beach-ready curves back at the factory?

This twisted logic mislead my mum…

It starts making sense if by “attraction” we mean “attention.”

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I bet something nobody got for Christmas was that yellow Ferrari they’ve been trying to manifest with their visualizations.

Honestly, they’d have a better shot by asking Rhonda Byrne to buy it for them using the gazillions of dollars she made with “The Secret.” Or sending a letter to the North Pole and wait for Santa to throw it down their chimney himself.

Having said that…

The law of attraction can still make sense if we put a little effort into a rebranding. Bring it closer to facts and reality, you know. …

Our brains evolved to forget our own mortality.

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There is a tree growing somewhere, tailored just for me, swaying its branches at the whispered command of a gentle breeze. Someday, this tree will be cut down to become the wood of my coffin.

After reading that, I’m supposed to whinny in terror of this tree, frantically galloping away from it — and the mortality it represents — and make along the way a fulfilling life free from regret.

Now, I don’t want to be a dying old man reminiscing his life regrets, silently wishing reincarnation was a thing, (but not cross-species, unless someone makes sure I am born…

Don’t be yet another monkey randomly typing keys for eternity.

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Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

It’s not like we got scammed when we bought into the belief that “it’s impossible to fail if we persist for long enough.” But I’d say we should’ve read the fine print because they probably had the math that explained just how far from impossible we actually are.

It’s not statistically impossible, for example, that a bunch of monkeys write Shakespeare’s Hamlet word for word if left unsupervised in a room with a typewriter and no time constrictions.

And them routines are the typewriters we type in everyday: the diets, meditations, workout sessions; the client calls, zoom meetings and writing…

But only if we argue as people did 100 years ago.

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Online anonymity, like some of Elon Musk’s tweets, is hard to defend.

For starters, it’s the main gateway for toxicity and hate used by trolls, cyber-bullies, and the rest of the mythical creatures populating our digital landscape. And unlike Musk, anonymity is not endorsed by a hoard of die-hard fans dismissing its bizarre, hallucinogenic personality and persecuting detractors like coordinated desk mobsters.

But despite its setbacks, we don’t want to give Zuckerberg an excuse to shove more cookies and policies and start launching ad campaigns endorsing Orwell’s 1984 lifestyle.

We need online anonymity to look better. So let me bring…

It’s not a way out of caring, but about caring the right way.

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The sport of polo doesn’t even pretend to welcome poor people. It raises a one-ton, neighing barrier between you and the field and says, “Want to play? Sure. You need to afford one of these.”

I’m certain that I can’t even afford the carrots that those horses eat for breakfast. But I respect it.

Polo has a strong target profiling game. “If your blood is not blue, don’t bother.” The Sport of Kings. Want to know my problem with The Art of Letting Go? Its pretended accessibility.

As in, every time you talk about it someone will promptly cite the…

The routines they follow are just the tip of the Zuckerberg.

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Look, if Usain Bolt wins the race, we don’t give the medal to the shoes. But CEOs harvest success because of their “routines”?

I think of routines as a mere garnishment to one’s capabilities. Especially those of world-class achievers we love to copy — because according to the Internet, success is a better routine — and wear like expensive lingerie.

So you may discover that Arianna Huffington takes bubble baths every night and go, “Well I’m gonna try that and see what happens.” Don’t mind that she is CEO of Thrive Global, co-founded The Huffington Post, and wrote 15 books…

An honest take at self-diagnosing lack of honesty.

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Photo by Sammy Williams on Pixabay

On a scale from honest opinions to “flat-Earthism,” we’re all full of shit.

Maybe not “I believe NASA is a hoax made to sell t-shirts and documentaries” full of shit, but still; don’t get too cocky on your superior critical thinking. Our bullshit is way worse.

Because at least flat-Earthers don’t have a real, negative impact on society as a whole. They are safely isolated in their YouTube channels, forums, and documentaries. …

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