This Woman Has Done More for Science Than Anyone Else in History. No One’s Giving Her Credit.


Loudt Darrow
5 min readSep 13, 2022
Alexandra Elbakyan (modified by author)

The name of Alexandra Elbakyan probably means as much to you as a clipped toenail, but I reckon in a parallel universe, perhaps where Schrödinger’s cat escaped alive and became an affluent cardboard box interior designer or something, Alexandra’s name is synonymous with scientific prowess as much as the “E=mc²” you see printed on t-shirts and coffee mugs.

But not in here though.

Of all the timelines ours must be the darkest, for not only is Alexandra’s name less recognisable than Marilyn Manson without the clown makeup on, she is also being persecuted by the law and facing international multi-million-dollar fines for her revolutionary work.

And well, technically she’s a criminal

She might’ve stolen one, or two, or 87 million academic papers across hundreds of scientific journals.

And then she might’ve created a website where everyone can download the papers free of charge whilst conveniently setting up a button for Bitcoin donations.

Good ol’ piracy, as the urban thesaurus defines it.

In her defence though, academic papers are in the “hotel minibar bag of peanuts” level…



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