The Metaverse Is the Next Millionaire-Making Trend You’ll Also Miss Out On

No country for slow adopters.

Young Woman with Ibis (ca. 1860–1862) by Edgar Degas (Public Domain)

But what is the metaverse though?

It’s bad news for grandmas who were just starting to understand how to use Gmail with a mouse and keyboard.

It’s the successor of the internet. The tech leap that will make the web into something more than just a bunch of underwater tubes.

It’s hype for media outlets, #HODL material for early investors.

But to you and me? The metaverse is just the next tech thing that will make everyone hilariously rich except us.

We’re slow adopters, so we’ll miss this opportunity too

Are you still lamenting not buying Bitcoin back in 2011 when it was worth one dollar?

I’m sure you preferred tossing that coin into a fountain, cause however much “good luck” you could get was still a safer investment than trading imaginary currency.

And, you know. At least people didn’t laugh in your face if you wasted money on superstition.

But look at you now, you skeptic little Johnny-come-lately, disregarding NFTs as “overpriced JPEGs,” praying for the bubble to pop. If we lived in the year the wheel was invented, I’m sure most of us would laugh at those bumping battle chariots until someone came up with the breaks.

We’re slow adopters. How do I know that you ask?

Early birds are reaping the metaverse right now

Fair enough, the technology is still far from looking like an episode of Black Mirror. And it will be another 10–15 years until Morpheus starts approaching people with the red pill.

But that’s not an issue for the pioneers. They are already making ridiculous money testing business models.

One of those is D2A or Direct to Avatar.

Like Nike selling virtual Jordans in Fortnite, Coca-Cola shipping avatar wearables in Decentraland, or even Gucci selling a virtual bag on Roblox for more than what it costs to buy the real bag.

Meanwhile, we slow adopters are still saying “it’s all virtual and worthless.” “Nothing but pixels arranged in a specific way.”

Well, so are atoms, pal.

Early adopters recognise the metaverse’s big selling point

There are no manufacturing costs. No stock shortages. No shipping fees.

It’s all virtual, boundless, limited only by people’s creativity. If you can imagine it, you can give it form in the metaverse. Not even the laws of physics will be a problem.

I guess the good news about this is that we may finally get some form of the Back to the Future 2’s hoverboard.

But more importantly: whatever you create there, you’ll be able to sell it. And consumers will own it through the blockchain, just like cryptocurrencies or NFTs today.

Are you ready to miss the train?

Here’s the thing: the metaverse is all speculation yet.

This is the time for pioneers who can afford to take the risks of pathfinding. The reason why Zuckerberg recently announced his purchase of a $3 Basic Branding Package on Fiverr to turn Facebook into a “metaverse-first” company.

So, by the time the first batch of metaverse influencers are selling their $497 courses on “How To Make It,” you and I will still be struggling with the motion sickness of the VR headset.

Don’t be mad. It’s just how the game works.

But if you want to be early, you better start learning about it now, cause grandma is gonna need you to explain it all to her.




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