Shipping everydays, getting bruises, and spotting quirks will be 3 of them.

The Creator Economy is that place where someone won’t turn off their ad blocker but would pay $10 to have their dick rated on OnlyFans.

Bizarre times. Kids no longer want to be astronauts, and why would they? Too much lag to stream from Mars. They want to grow up to be YouTubers now, put food on their tables with Patreon pledges.

This is, on one hand, exciting. Imagine everyone following their creative instincts instead of clocking up exploitative shifts at an Amazon warehouse.

But it also means more content creators to compete against.

We’re over 50 million people in this Creator Economy that is taking over the world. And…

I write about how not to suck at being creative, although there’s an unoriginal surplus of sunglasses in all these pictures.

I would’ve preferred to open the story in medias res of a desperate situation, followed by a vinyl record scratch, a frame freeze, and a voiceover of me saying “Yup, that’s me. You might be wondering how I got here…”.

Unfortunately I have yet to upset a drug cartel or mess something up badly enough to lead into a dramatic climax that could justify the movie trope.

So we’re gonna have to settle with this upcoming picture of ten-year-old me wearing shades and a sombrero.

Coincidentally, it’s an appropriate point of entry for a story about myself. I was about…

Ideas that don’t lose their wings rarely take off.

The hype I felt when I heard the 3D printer had been invented was a mistake. But my brain couldn’t help himself from making a secular leap into a sci-fi future of boundless imagination.

“I can finally print a car and take it to work.”

How long until the hoverboards from Back to the Future 2 start mass production? …

The Grammarly check of this article must've been a fucking nightmare 😂 and that's my takeaway from this: clicking "dismiss" on my internal autocorrect from time to time.

Charming piece mate.

Navy SEAL dad with access to weaponry — check.

Archaeologist girlfriend with access to artefacts — check.

Vineyard — check.

You have locations and supporting characters that qualify, at minimum, for a Ron Howard blockbuster movie adaptation of a Dan Brown thriller.

I sincerely hope you keep that dream alive mate.

Eh—I do like parties. Just with a maximum capacity of 3 or 4. That's why all my parties are done in my bathtub cause that way is impossible to surpass the limit without having somebody drowning.

And I don't know about that "forever my favourite." I know you've been toying with some Matt Haig guy lately.

This article is a master's thesis on wordplay. Don't you have *two* of those already Wilcox? Damn leave something for the rest.

PS 🖤

1500 rejections? Good lord, and to think that watching the movie you're not sure if he'll even make it to round 15.

This lesson is just so important, cause we tend to forget that real life doesn't provide any plot armour. Fantastic piece Ellen.

What I learned by being the shadow of someone 4x more gifted than me.

For seven years of formal piano education, I was the untalented shadow of the golden boy, Victor.

He was ten, two years younger than me, four times a better performer. It didn’t help that his name is the Latin for “winner” and mine starts with the big L. He was chubby and short, but with the genetic inheritance of two musician parents. Call it a collab.

Hearing him boast about the grand piano he had in his living room, you would’ve thought he was just a prick.

But as hard as it was for me to admit it, his talent…

Fascinating read. How did I not think that Maslow's pyramid also applied to the workspace? After all, it's a jungle out there.

Great work Mariza!

Loudt Darrow

I write about how not to suck at being creative.

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